Clinical Trials


The Clinical Research Team are responsible for the set up and implementation of clinical trials and research studies involving patients from all over the UK and Republic of Ireland.

We participate and lead in a range of studies from natural history to gene therapy, from phase I (first in human) to phase III (confirmatory, efficacy) and studies that are both academic led and industry sponsored. We have strong collaborations with academic institutions, patient and family associations, and pharmaceutical companies.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

What can we offer?

  • Input on expert protocol design advice
  • Expert advice on study document development
  • Coordination of international natural history studies
  • Experience of leading and developing natural history studies with investigator leads
  • Expert advice on costing
  • Central analysis services for muscle MRI
  • Expert advice on outcome measures for clinical research
  • Physio training for international clinical research projects

Observer Status


Visiting the JWMDRC

The John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre (JWMDRC) welcomes healthcare professionals from across the globe to visit the centre and observe our clinics and practices. Visitors will have Observer Status which means the NHS and Newcastle University have authorised for the visitor to observe the work that is completed within the JWMDRC, such as lab work and clinical meetings, and this also means the visitor can visit NHS facilities to observe clinics. This allows visitors to work closely with our PIs and our multidisciplinary team and to experience the work that they do, and to gain further knowledge of the work that takes place within the JWMDRC.

If you are interested in applying for observer status then please send an email [email protected] stating who you would wish to work with and the reasons why you would enjoy to come to the centre, when you would wish to visit and how long your visit would be for (we can only accept Observer Status applications for a maximum of 3 months).

  • Allows healthcare professionals from outside of the JWMDRC to observe our clinics and practices
  • Opportunity to build experience
  • Can work closely with our staff and learn about the work we do
Industry Immersion

The JWMDRC can organise industry immersion days, either for your whole company or for new staff who want to learn about the neuromuscular field and our expertise in conducting clinical trials. Face to face and virtual options are available.

  • Disease overview including standard of care, outcome measures and current therapy overview
  • Opportunity to hear from leading clinicians in the field
  • Presentations on relevant projects and initiatives key to the field including TREAT-NMD, DMD Hub and patient registries
  • Overview of tools and resources available to your company including the biobank, clinical research facility and patient registries
  • Learn about how to engage and network with the field and hear about opportunities to co-develop initiatives such as educational events and research ideas

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