Services for Industry

As leading specialists in the neuromuscular field we have a proven track record of success in collaboration with commercial organisations around the world and have established partnerships with a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies to help develop new therapeutics and accelerate clinical studies. Specifically, we can assist with:

  • Access to high quality patient cohort data on patients with specific mutations, stratified by age range and ambulation status, and details of steroid use and other clinical parameters

  • Expert advice on clinical trial design and outcome measures, as well as feasibility data to support planning of clinical studies and assistance with recruitment of patients into these studies

  • Development of new innovative project proposals and access to ongoing projects and infrastructure in rare diseases

  • Coordination of academic-industry collaborations to support the development of clinical programmes across all neuromuscular diseases

  • Regulatory and ethical advice and support with engaging regulators

These partnerships have demonstrated significant economic and knowledge benefits to industry and dramatically accelerated clinical trial planning resulting in both cost and time savings, while ensuring the effective and efficient use of vital resources.